Hair micropigmentation tattoo

Maximum realism and naturalness

Hair micropigmentation for men and women, incredibly improves appearance.

Hair micropigmentation, or head/scalp micropigmentation, has become a highly effective and popular technique to address hair loss and restore confidence. An alternative method to hair transplantation, also known as tricopigmentation.


What is hair micropigmentation and what does it consist of?

Hair micropigmentation is a technique in which hair-shaped micro dots are tattooed to simulate hair follicles on the scalp. These ink dots are applied in a spaced and separate manner, avoiding injuries and risks of ink leakage. It is important to keep in mind that each tattooed hair is a mini wound, so several sessions are required to achieve the desired density. Each session adds a new layer of density and the final result depends on the number of sessions performed. It is a non-surgical and painless practice, fully compatible with other hair treatments such as, for example, hair implants and is valid for all skin types and colors.

The desired effect is achieved from the first day, even if the treatment lasted several sessions (3-5).

Hair micropigmentation is a semi-permanent treatment that lasts 5 to 10 years.

    • capillary micropigmentation for crown baldness
    • capillary micropigmentation to combat breakouts
    • capillary micropigmentation for hair loss
    • capillary micropigmentation against alopecia areata
    • female hair micropigmentation
    • capillary micropigmentation in areas with low hair density

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