Micropigmentation – Microblading

Specialties, such as Microblading and Micropigmentation (a special micropigmentar machine tattooing mode, which we use in eyebrows, glasses, stretches, scars, eye lines and lips) with fantastic results.

Micropigmentation – Baggy eyes

Lighten the skin under the eyes to camouflage the baggy eyes thanks to this facial micropigmentation technique. Perform a full treatment by performing 3 of these sessions (1 per month).

Micropigmentació – Lips

It has perfect lips thanks to this innovative method of make-up. We’ll look for the color you like most accurately and perfect your outline so that you have an even more beautiful smile.

Micropigmentation – Staries and Scars

Thanks to micropigmentation we can camouflage almost any scar or choose that we have anywhere in our body.

This treatment is evaluated for each case. You can book and we’ll check you on the first visit, or you can contact us so we can review your case before we perform the treatment reserve.

Micropigmentation – Eyebrows

Through this machilling technique done with dermograph, we will get perfect eyebrows thanks to their many possibilities of realism (shadows, hair to hair, etc.). It can be combined with Microblading, thus obtaining a more personalized effect.


It consists of reconstructing ”hair-to-hair” eyebrows using Teborium (array used to pigment the skin manually). Thanks to this age-based technique adapted to the present day, natural and unparalleled results are obtained.
Training at the world’s number one academy called Phibrows Academy, your magazine cellars await you.

Micropigmentation – Eyeliner

With our experience and the best market machine, you will be able to wear a fine, elegant (top and/or bottom) line of eye. There are many possible designs, if you will allow us, we will advise you what fits most with your facial features. This treatment includes upper or lower Eyeliner.

Facial Mesotherapy

By microinjections of Hialuronan we will improve the quality of your skin and help you prevent facial aging. We do this machine-based treatment, thus achieving optimum results in less time.