Piercings are performed at all places in the body. Here you can see some examples of the done piercings.

  • Facial piercings
  • Corporal piercings
  • Genital piercings
  • Microdermals
  • Surface
  • Dilatations
tatuajes castelldefels - Helga Sanchez - Tatoo viper
pearcings castelldefels - Helga Sanchez - tattooviper

piercing lengua surface en lengua, tattoo viper castelldefels piercing-cuello-cogote piercing-nariz-entre-ojos microdermal en espalda microdermal cadera piercing-vulva-clitoris piercing microdermal frente piercing coño vulva clitoris labios piercing dilatacion oreja piercing ceja piercing oreja piercing lengua